In Complex Commercial Litigation, Suspected Financial Crimes & Challenging Regulatory Compliance Matters

We apply  BUSINESS  SCIENCE,  INVESTIGATIVE INSIGHT, QUANTITATIVE METHODS, REGULATORY PRINCIPLES & INDUSTRY EXPERTISE  to help business litigants & counselors discover the underlying economic realities, resolve the difficult "whodunit" & business liability questions & identify

& measure the associated operational impacts, profits lost & values impaired.  In all phases of complex commercial litigation, fraud investigation &

regulatory compliance matters, we provide world-class corporate governance, finance, operational, reporting, auditing & valuation expertise.

Our Advanced Analytical Skills & Specialized Knowledge

➧ Forensic Accounting | Business Analytics | Financial Analyses+Forecasting

➧ Damage Theory | "But For " Modeling | Impaired Value+Lost Profit Calculation

➧ Corporate Governance-Risk-Control-Compliance | Internal-External Audit

➧ Industry Practices+Customs | GAAP+Regulatory Reporting | Descriptive Statistics

➧ Electronic Discovery | Records Reconstruction | Witness Examination

➧ Managerial Processes | Operational Benchmarking | Failure Analysis

➧ Debt-Equity-Derivative-Intangible Asset-Business Enterprise Valuation

➧ Root-Cause Diagnostics | "Expectation" Studies | Cross-Pollination Analysis

Our Expert Credentials

We are senior-level CPAs, MBAs, CFEs, CIAs, Asset Appraisers, Industry

Veterans & Business Leaders.  Together we create studies, conduct 

investigations, develop reports & provide expert testimony in com-

plex commercial disputes, financial crimes & compliance matters.

Chrysal Clear Business Forensics

Bob Dodson, Senior Economist

Executive Managing Director

40+ years of senior-level banking, financial forensics & business consulting

Core Expertise: Banking, Real Estate, Financial & Professional Services

BA, Economics, Southern Methodist University

 Banking Accreditation, Graduate School of Banking, University of Oklahoma

 Cell: 713.823.5126


Managing Director

30+ years of senior-level audit, financial forensics & valuation consulting

Core Expertise: Banking, Financial Services, Construction, Real Estate

Specialties: Auditing, Financial/Regulatory Reporting , Business Valuation

BS, Accounting, University of Alabama

 Cell: 678.480.4864

Richard Miranda, CPA, MBA

Managing Director

 40+ years of senior-level audit, banking, financial forensics & consulting

Core Expertise: Banking, Construction, Real Estate, Securitization

MBA, Finance, Golden Gate University

BS, Accounting, Golden Gate University

 Cell: 817.437.0534

John Hunt, MS

Managing Director

25+ years of senior-level banking, financial forensics & business consulting

Core Expertise: Banking, Real Estate, Financial Services, Securitization

MS, Real Estate, New York University

BA, Architecture, Princeton University

 Cell: 516.906.2112

Accounting, Corporate Finance, Micro-Macroeconomics


Accountants' Malpractice & Financial Statement Fraud


Analytical Forensics & Discovery-Based Data Mining


Anti-Competitive Practices & Unfair Competition Claims


Architectual & Engineering Errors & Omissions Litigation 


Asset Misappropriation, Occupational Fraud, Financial Crimes


Bank Failure & Financial Distress Litigation


Commercial Damages


Construction Costs & Commercial Real Estate Lost-Profit Matters


Corporate & Government White-Collar Crime Investigation


Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance & Control Failure Analysis


Corporate Acquisition & Purchase-Price Dispute Litigation


D&O Negligence & Managerial Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims


 Fixed-Income, Equity & Derivative Security/Portfolio Valuation


Goodwill & Intangible Asset Valuation


Real Estate Investment, Management & ADC Lending Matters


Securities Fraud & Ponzi Scheme Investigation


Securitization & Structured Finance Issues: CMBS-MBS-CDO


Trademark & Patent Infringement Damage Calculation

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