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Founded by Former "Big 4" Directors & Financial-Banking Senior Executives

As lead experts, we've evaluated the professional performance of 60+ director-officer groups, as well as 80+ annual audit teams, in connection with 50+ failed financial institutions with combined assets of $500+ billion.  In these complex matters, we've advised federal inspectors general, FDIC in-house legal counsel & third-party litigators on the tenability merits

of alleged financial &/or managerial misconduct claims against the parties-of-interest, as well as calculated the damages likely sustained as a result of these parties' suspected 

wrongdoings.  In another 200 disputations, largely involving banking, real estate, construction, financial services & manufacturing concerns, we've calculated economic

damages & investigated suspected financial crimes & fraud.  In these high-stake matters, we've employed state-of-the-art statistical, graphical & database 

applications to build, search, manage & analyze largescale Accounting, Operational, Reporting, Marketplace & Compliance related datasets. 

As Business Forensic Experts

We've taken decisive action no matter how complex the technical challenge.  At the outset of each engagement, we've defined, together with our clients, the key business forensic issues & objectives.  Then, after objectively executing the pre-approved case-specific fact-finding & analytical procedures, we've translated our quantitative & qualitative findings into concise testimony & instructive presentations, 

with clear & impactful exhibits.  As testifying & consulting experts, and as former senior-level industry practitioners & auditors,

we have convincingly explained a wide range of technical, theoretical & operational complexities to judges, jurors, arbitra-

tors, federal banking regulators, business executives, corporate directors, shareholders, investors & insurers.

Our Clients


In every engagement we've delivered case-responsive, objective, fact-based

 assessments that have complied with the strictest of legal require-

ments & the highest principles of BUSINESS SCIENCE.



 We preliminarily evaluate the tenability of business liability arguments & develop applicable damage theories

Sharpen the focus of strategic decision making by identifying case-specific business, economic, financial and accounting matters

Show where "footprints" in the ordinary-course-of-business  were likely produced as a result of alleged dispute-caused operational anomalies, intervening business inflection points and/or suspected financial crimes

Help identify dispute-related business records, fact witnesses and parties-of-interest, including ordinary-course-of-business electronic databases, plus information likely captured & documented by external sources, such as related counterparties, customers and auditors

Design & develop case-specific work plans, hourly budgets and fee estimates 



 We assist in the preparation of document production requests and interrogatories

Help obtain, assemble & organize relevant electronic data, transactional documents & marketplace metrics

Reconstruct the business, managerial, marketplace, economic & financial scenarios in which the subject events and/or actions took place, given the documents produced, deposition testimony provided & relevant external information gathered

Evaluate the subject parties’ likely culpability for causing and/or failing to prevent (or timely detect) control failures, asset misappropriations, valuation misstatements, operational inefficiencies, regulatory noncompliance and/or contractual misdeeds

Isolate the deleterious effects—Accounting, Economic, Finance, Operating—caused by the alleged wrongful and/or omitted acts

Identify & map the relevant causal relationships to matters of interest; calculate the consequential lost revenues, extra costs, lost profits and/or impaired values, as well as develop & consider alternative causation and economic damage theories

Analyze the reports & claims of opposing experts

Assist in the deposition and/or interview of targeted parties-of-interest , opposing experts & fact witnesses

Prepare court-required expert reports & provide deposition testimony



We cystallize our understanding of the legally admitted (including externally sourced) facts and circumstances & re-map the results to our previously formed expert opinions and underlying assumptions

Develop presentations demonstrating the factual, theoretical & foundational assumptions supporting our expert positions

Evaluate the consistency of opposing experts' positions & demonstrative evidence vis-a-vis their previously provided case-specific deposition(s) & their earlier published technical positions & expert testimony

Assist counsel in the development of technical rebuttal arguments



 We assist counsel in the development of cross examination questions for opposing experts & fact witnesses 

Compare opposing experts' trial testimony to earlier deposition testimony provided, expert reports and prior technical positions taken

Provide expert testimony

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