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“Business Forensics is the field of study dedicated to the discovery of Business Truth & the measure of Economic Con- sequences in actual, pending or potential litigation.”  As Business Forensic Practitioners, we apply Business Science, Investigative Insight, Regulatory Principles & Industry Expertise to sets of legally admitted facts &

circumstances to develop technical answers to complex business questions.  

We've evaluated the activities of alleged mismanagers & wrongdoers, including related economics,
in legal matters involving: 

➧ Contractual Disputes & Business Torts.

➧ Financial Crimes & Occupational Fraud.

➧ Financial Distress. Bankruptcy. Receiver Matters.

➧ Corporate Governance, Compliance, Reporting & Auditing. 

➧ Fiduciary-Professional Duties of Loyalty & Care.

➧ Financial-Strategic Investments. Seller-Buyer Representations.

         "From a drop of

    water, a logician could

infer the possibility of an Atlantic or Niagara without

   having seen or heard of

        one or the other.” 

   “Before turning to those moral           and mental aspects of the                   [case] which present the

    greatest difficulties, let the

   inquirer begin by mastering

    more elementary problems.”

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